Teddy Bear Clinic: The first session

On 24th January we carried out our first Teddy Bear Clinic session. This session involved a ‘check up’ for the childrens’ teddies in which they told us their teddies’ maladies, to which we gave care instructions and preventative measures. We also carried out exams on the teddies, taking their weight and height to ensure the teddies’ health is monitored.

This session was an introduction to the Clinic in a hope to get the children involved. The aims of this session were to conquer fears of visiting the doctors as this is a common fear among young children. The Clinic was successful as all the children were excited and enthusiastic to get involved.  We also sat on small chairs so that we were the same height as the children so as not to overpower and intimidate them.

This session also introduced us to the idea of working with young children, as this is a key skill that will be required of us when pursuing a career in medicine. I adopted an enthusiastic tone when interacting with the children and an open posture to encourage them to engage with me as children this age (3-5) can often be nervous when talking to new people.

At the end of the session we gave the children a ‘Draw your teddy’ sheet for them to complete for the next time we hold the Clinic in order to add to the teddies’ records.

We are holding the next Clinic session on the 7th February.


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