Teddy Bear Clinic: Learning to use bandages

In the Teddy Bear Clinic this week we wanted to teach the children how to use bandages. We decided that this would be an important lesson as young children often fall and cut themselves.

To start the session we gathered the children on the floor in a circle and sat down with them. This reduced the level of intimidation as it made the atmosphere more casual and also ensured that they all had a clear view of the demonstration.

In order the engage the children from the start and introduce them to the subject matter, we proceeded to ask them what they knew about bandages and when they should be used. We also placed emphasis on talking to them about cleaning the wound as this is an important stage in reducing the risk of infection.

We used the medic society’s teddy to demonstrate the practice of cleaning and bandaging a wound whilst continuing to ask the children questions to maintain their interest. This was important as young children have a shorter attention span and can easily get distracted and we wanted to ensure their continued involvement.

The next step was to split the children into smaller groups, each with one member of the medic society. This was when I could personally engage with the children individually as I had to discuss their teddies’ injuries and undergo the process of cleaning and bandaging the ‘wounds’. The children enjoyed this level of interaction as they proceeded to talk to me about their teddies with enthusiasm and excitement.

Our objective of this session was to ensure the children knew what to do if they needed to use a bandage, not necessarily for them to be able to attend to themselves, as this would clearly not be appropriate, but so they would know the process and why everything happens. This would reduce their panic should the situation arise. We fulfilled our objective as the children enjoyed the session and, by the end of the activity, could tell us what would need to happen should someone need to use a bandage.


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