Work Experience at a Pharmacy

During May half term I decided to organise a work experience placement at a local pharmacy. I initially experienced several draw backs as the first few pharmacies I contacted weren’t offering placements. Through persistence I was able to secure a placement at a pharmacy who were enthusiastic and more than willing to offer me work experience.

I found theĀ  placement gave me an invaluable insight into daily outpatient care. I worked on the front desk which allowed me to work directly with members of the public. This involved taking in and handing out prescriptions, carrying out necessary personal checks. I also, using my own knowledge and judgement, advised patients to the best of my ability.

I also grasped a basic knowledge of the database systems used by the pharmacy through recording ‘minor ailment’ cases and registering new patients onto the system.

As I progressed through the week, I also made up prescriptions for patients. This involved familiarising myself with the format of prescriptions and the lay out of the pharmacy. This was both interesting and tasking as I began to form an understanding of common medicines and their uses. This also required a high attention to detail as it was easy to make a mistake and pick up a drug with a similar name or dosage.

Overall, I enjoyed my time at the pharmacy and I feel that I worked hard to learn and develop new skills to aid me in pursuing a career in medicine.


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