About Me

Hi, my name is Iqra Shahid. I’m 20 years old and a second year medical student. I created this blog as a platform on which to share my knowledge, interests and opinions with you readers.

I was born in London, but have lived and been schooled in Leeds for most of my life. I did my GCSEs and A levels at Prince Henry’s Grammar School in Otley. Now I live term-time back in London, studying at UCL (#bleedpurple).

I aspire to be a doctor because despite the lows of the job such as long hours and the solemn inevitability of losing a patient, I couldn’t imagine being anything else. I have always wanted to help people and have had a strong academic interest but am interested in so many different things. In another life I could be a teacher, a researcher, a lawyer or a charity worker. Yet medicine allows me to have all of these roles and more. As a doctor you always have more to learn, but you are also often teaching others. The strong scientific basis that the medicine course is based on would satisfy my thirst for knowledge and give me opportunities to conduct research. I hope that in my medical career I could reach a position where I can help with the decision-making of how services are run and adapt policies. And of course, at the centre of medicine is the human beings that you get to meet and help on a day-to-day basis. I couldn’t ask for more. Except perhaps the promise of a lunch hour between shifts?

I set this blog up not only for aspiring medics, but for anyone who is interested. No scientific background or knowledge is required to follow my writings, as most of the science I mention is GCSE level, building into A level concepts but I always try to explain any scientific stuff so that (I hope) readers with no previous knowledge can benefit from this blog too. I want to be able to share concepts and my ideas with everyone, not just science-lovers. This is especially true for my more topical posts, as I believe it is important that all levels of society have some sort of grasp of what is going on in medicine right now and can form opinions of their own about it. After all, what is the NHS without its patients?