Brain Games

I am thoroughly intregued by optical illusions and brain teasers, and I marvel at how our brains can be fooled into thinking we are seeing something different from reality. So when taking some time out from my revision, I was excited to stumbled upon a man named Jason Silva promoting a show called ‘Brain Games’ on the tv.

Having watched a trailer of this show online, it looks really interesting and will definately enourage people to think outside the box and question what they see.

Below is a little clip I found in the National Geographic Website that gives a short insight into the sorts of puzzles and tricks on the brain that this programme explores.

When you watch this clip back on the show, you realise how easy it is to persuade the mind that you are seeing something different. This demonstrates that the context in which you visualize things, plays an important role in what you ‘see’, and I find this really interesting.

For anyone like me who wants to broaden their minds and think outside the box, then ‘Brain Games’ is next showing on the  National Geographic Channel at 7.30pm on June 2nd.



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