Being a late comer!

One of the hardest things for me about going for medicine is that I only decided I wanted to study medicine about 1 month ago. This means whilst all my friends who plan on studying medicine have been volunteering at the hospital, have work experience with doctors in the summer and study biology, I have non of this.

Luckily I have just set up some volunteering at my hospital now which I start at the end of this month. But trying to sort out work experience is a nightmare. I wonder if I have left it too late. Another problem is that I do not study biology, and whilst this isn’t too much of a problem in terms of UCAS applications, I still lack a good understanding the human anatomy and body functions. This means there is a lot of reading ahead of me over the summer to try and catch up. So on the recommendation of a friend I went and bought ‘Gray’s Anatomy’. When I received it in the post though I knew something was wrong when all the illustrations were hand drawn. It turned out to be the original 1901 edition which has taught me too read the descriptions of products when I buy things off Amazon, or at least for books anyway!

One of the things I have tried to do is to increase my knowledge of medical issues in the media. Using the BMJ student and BBC news websites I am now putting together a collection of articles with all the issues I should know about for medicine, or for my interview at least.

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