The Choice Is Yours

Just read a fascinating article on the correlation between sugary drinks and cancer.

A group of specialist researchers in New York has dived into this question to find a way of preventing the initial spark of cancer (colorectal) that occurs within many peoples bodies.

Won’t spoil the final verdict, but it has instantly influenced me to reduce my own sugar intake as I can see some of its effects. Definitely worth the read!

This Is Going To Hurt – Adam Kay

Started reading this comedic, yet realistic, book by Adam Kay. It demonstrates the day to day routine within a hospital and it’s out-standing cases.

Kay used to be a professional doctor, and up to the page I’m on, is a Senior House Officer – he is shadowing a surgeon.  In one event, a young gentleman was standing on a bus shelter and decided to get down using a nearby lamppost (we can assume he was intoxicated by the time of night). Unfortunately, he misjudged the  texture of the lamppost – and it wasn’t a smooth ride down. It wasn’t just his hands that were badly injured… Ouch!

So far this is an excellent book, interpreting both humour and education of unusual illnesses that were spotted during his time as a doctor.