After an exciting and enlightening experience at the hospital, I now realise the qualities required for such a demanding career. Patience, communication, team-working: all factors that are necessary to posses in order to provide a smoothly running service for yourself and the patients.

I shadowed some inspirational doctors who introduced me to life changing/saving equipment that supplied a better quality of life to an extensive amount of patients.

During my time in spinal injuries unit, many patients were on an enormous ventilation machine. Due to the severity of their injury, it meant they were incapable of independently breathing due to the minimal control over the intercostal muscles that allows effective ventilation in the lungs. This machine kept them alive.

Overall, this experience as amazing. I am further motivated to pursue a career in Medince as I’ve seen first hand the impact on every individual who steps through the door.  Strangely, the high pressure and speed in which the nurses and doctors work at has appealed to my own preferences and has definitely not relieved me of my ambition to become a medical professional.


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