Generation Bridge Project

Today, I attended an event conducted at a nursing home as a part of The Generation Bridge Project. The project was introduced to us at school as a former student had founded it – throughout the year, I, along with my group did fundraising activities such as tombolas to raise money to fund the project.

The ultimate aim of the project is to reduce the isolation felt by the elderly population in society by engaging them in activities such as music, dance, board games etc. Although some outdoor activities had been planned, the rain didn’t allow for that, but we managed to have a good time indoors – we were even able to get some of the residents to do the macarena! 

I took part in the talent show part of the event by singing – the people present were extremely supportive and created a welcoming atmosphere for us to partake in. There were many entrancing performances that not only provided entertainment of the residents but also allowed us to grow in confidence. After this we were treated to food – pizza and a wide variety of desserts certainly made the day more enjoyable!

It was an incredibly rewarding experience as we had the opportunity to talk to some of the elderly and how much they valued our company was apparent. Some of the residents were challenging to approach as they had anger issues or could not understand us well enough to hold a proper conversation – however, finding ways to work around these problems added to the experience!

It was particularly inspiring to see members of the project who support the cause every year regardless of how busy their lives must be. The founder of the project at the end of the event made a speech that emphasised the importance of care workers in our country who dedicate their lives to improving those of people who are vulnerable, and highlighted the importance of appreciating the elderly – Britain is an ageing population and we will all, some day, grow old and it is vital that we treat the elderly population in our community with the same respect that we would want to be treated with. 


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