Hello world!

This period is a difficult one for all, from people suffering from mental health issues to boredom and missing the social aspect of life. My experience of this time will be a memorable one although times have been difficult, it has also been very rewarding and enjoyable for me.
A normal day for me starts by waking up to my alarm and spending a couple of minute on my phone, I feel most motivated to do most work in the morning/early afternoon and therefore start fairly early. Currently, I am in year 12, and I am doing Alevel biology, chemistry and maths which I thoroughly enjoy. I’m going to be honest teaching yourself these subjects is very hard, but using sites such as snap revise, Kerboodle, and Seneca as well as watching YouTube video is the way I am doing it and it is working very well, along with this I use textbooks to write notes and then do question and answers flashcards which I find extremely useful. I find making a timetable very useful, it allows your day to be structured and makes sure you get done what you need to do as well as this it makes you feel extremely organised!
Once I feel satisfied with the work I’ve done for the day, I usually do a hobby such as painting or baking or just watch a tv show or movie. Also being a person who is into fitness I usually do a workout most evenings followed by watching the news.
I am a student who is wanting to go into dentistry so expect blogs about current issues in society regarding dentistry and any health-related issues.

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