Uses of drugs in dentistry

Today drugs are used in many industries, including dentistry. The main ways drugs are used is to relieve pain whether it’s swelling in the gums or having painful a surgery. One common way of reducing pain while having surgery is the use of nitrous oxide or anaesthesia. On the other hand, to reduce discomfort a range of drugs can be used, some having a mild impact while others are much stronger medication such as Tylenol, Motrin or corticosteroids.

You are probably using dental medication daily as your toothpaste contains fluorides, which is an important component of toothpaste as it prevents cavities, and reduces chances of early tooth decay.

Antibiotics also have a big role in dentistry, they are used for infections that may occur after surgery, and used for diseases such as periodontal disease. As well as this it can prevent bacteria on the surface of tissue around teeth spreading into the blood.

To treat toothache or any pain after a treatment the non-narcotic analgesics are used, an example of these include ibuprofen or aspirin, but for severe pain, stronger drugs like codeine may be given. Now, days drugs to control plaque are available such as chlorhexidine which is mainly used to reduce the build-up of plaque in the periodontal pockets, this drug can come in the form of a mouth wash and can prevent diseases in the future.

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