Students Who Love To Game And Compete

“We’ve remained steadfast in our commitment to deliver for our partners, in a changed environment of social distancing and college sports on pause,” said Learfield IMG College Chief Content, Development & Strategy Officer Rob Schneider. “Esports represents a massive opportunity to extend our traditional sports marketing offerings to brand partners, both today and when sports restart, and Madden nfl 21 coins we’re proud to lean in with the Big 12 to make a unique offering for its member schools, students and lovers. Working with an established esports technology pioneer like Mainline affords both the schools and brands yet another powerful way to connect with students who love to game and compete.”

Mainline championship software will allow the option to market patrons on visibility to the local team at each of the 12 member schools of Learfield IMG College. The tournaments will comprise various school branding, and the university-branded esports tournament website will offer brand marketers an opportunity to contact student participants via an integrated platform experience and shared affinity. Learfield IMG College will utilize its exclusive university marks and IP rights to the tournaments.

“It is more important now than ever to provide college students the capability to remain engaged and connected, and our technologies can help aggregate the faculty esports community to help make that happen. This may multiply the chance, power and fun of esports to college students attending Big 12 universities and retains students competing while still practicing social distancing,” explained Mainline CEO Chris Buckner.

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