Allowing 3-P Customers And Permitting Multi-Logging

Rs3 I’m just confused as to what new ways or methods I can use to quickly accelerate certain stats and skills, and I am confused on how to level up these new abilities they introduced, I’ve never completed bossing in general on osrs reason I liked questing more so that I probably killed mini managers at most through questing, I also don’t understand what armies are good in rs3 for levels since theirs so much new armor, my personalities becoming near level 50 I don’t play OSRS gold up to osrs but been trying to get to rs3 as my friend’s one of the wealthiest rs3 players and he needs me to go bossing with him and perform raids with him.If you’re that low of a degree, you need to do slayer. Slayer till lvl 60 on your battle style. Barrows is good xp and money. Barrows can get you and then you may go bossing along with other individuals when you’re leeching.

Now that OSRS death mechanics are in-game

Passing mechanics are somewhat more punishing than OSRS death mechanisms adjusting for currency value. RS3 passing mechanics deserve a second look by Jmods, perhaps a rebalance. This week passing mechanisms were inserted to OSRS. It’s a fairly major overhaul that has been divisive and that surely still has issues which need to be ironed out. Ahead of the update of this week, in a grave, an OSRS departure would result in areas that players recover items free of charge and can run back to. There are exceptions for this (cases, particular items, certain encounters, PVP), but for simplicity’s sake, this was the mechanic.

The new OSRS death mechanics (again simplifying since it is fairly complex) involve making death more penalizing –although still less punishing than RS3 death mechanics, even adjusting for money value.These are different games, and passing should be shunned, but the difference in death mechanisms and how comparatively punishing RS3’s are is staggering. A 500k maximum departure in OSRS would translate to roughly a 3m departure in RS3 (when we use swapping exchange rates). Deaths using a rather pvm setup cost twice the OSRS maximum, with some hybrid setups costing roughly 4 times that the OSRS buy-back equal.

Standard death mechanisms are still punishing, and this also makes RoD the option usually, although I will concede that rs 2107 gold does have RoD, which does bring in accord with OSRS deaths if worn. (Thankfully RoD can also be BIS). But, passing mechanics have always been disproportionately punishing to ironmen, that have a lesser ability. I think jmods will need to check at either the ability to purchase deaths with items back, similar to OSRS, and/or providing an ironman discount similar to OSRS.

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