Jaw to the floor

“Melissa could you close your mouth”

“Yes mum” with a single tear drop falling down my cheek

8 innocent children with a whole life ahead of them.
8 innocent children who subconsciously put their trust and lives in the hands of a so called professional only to have their lives taken away.

8 innocent children who are being mourned by their parents who also put their trust and childs lives in the hands of a so called professional only to have it taken away.
Although not a lot of information about this case has been published it definitely touched me as this nurse named Lucy Letby ( or more fitting “thou shalt not be named” -we thank J.K. Rowling for this one) has been accused of killing 8 babies under her care and attempting to kill another 6.

According to people around her this woman was “awkward, quite geeky but seemed like a kind hearted person”, with another calling her an “amazing person”. This woman also took part in a fundraising campaign to build a new neo-natural unit at the hospital she worked at. All these amazing comments makes me think how can a woman be responsible for so many deaths.
This case got me wondering about the trust in which people have in health care professionals and how some, like the one above, easily take it for granted.

Although this case is of a higher scale it has me thinking about all the responsibilities in which I will face when I begin practicing on a smaller level such as: patient- doctor confidentiality, making sure my patient is fully aware of the risks of a medication or procedure I may refer them to just to name a few . The main focus of this piece of writing is trust and it should be in the back of health care professionals minds and definitely my mind and those in university studying to become a doctor that trust is a key value in medicine and any other related profession.

It’s hard for some to come to the realization that something so tragic like this case can come about in a developed country with a well established health care service that has been running for more than 50 years, but we need to think of why this happened and the psychological motives. She should be fully accounted for her actions, but to move on from this we need to think of how we can make sure things like this can’t happen again and that’s one thing that I will try and do more research into and if you have any suggestions please leave them down below. As this isn’t just to combat this case but to improve everyone’s safety and welfare in the present and the future.


  1. Shame to think that a doctor or nurse can spend ages building up trust with their patients but it can be completely destroyed by the actions of another individual which they hear about in the news. Just adds to the complexity of the job which already isn’t easy in the first place

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