As a woman of colour I found it necessary to address this issue. I felt I needed to share my thoughts as someone who has and probably will face prejudice because of the colour of my skin.
I came across this video on my recommended on youtube and it piqued my interest because I know there are many doctors of colour practicing in our surgeries and hospitals. The title also brought me back to my work experience where I had witnessed a white male patient refuse a consultation with a coloured doctor because his doctor, white, had taken ill. Although it wasn’t explicit the reason he had refused was because the doctor was a man of colour, the way he acted and the tone of voice he used in his refusal led me to believe that was the reason why.
Although the video is based in America the matter is still universal and the emotion that the female physician had displayed was heartbreaking. To become a doctor we all study the same course for the same duration of time , some for even longer and to be rejected not on the basis that the doctor is incapable of doing the job and delivering the best treatment, but for the colour of their skin can only be described as ” painful and degrading indignities, which cumulatively contribute to moral distress and burnout” ( direct quote from The New England Journal Of Medicine) and can even lead some doctors to stop practicing.
As the next generation of medics this lays heavy on my heart because with the need for more doctors in the NHS this type of discriminatory behaviour will have an impact on the amount of students of colour applying for medical school.

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  1. Very sad story. But to face reality, there are some racist people who would, Till the day the world ends, still remain racist and to say they should be refused treatment based on this wouldn’t be a logical way of thinking (by both parties) which makes me say that the use of technology in medicine and surgery should be one at the forethought of scientists as there would be machines that can be operated remotely on a patient, this way, the patient wouldn’t be able to react or discriminate the services offered

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