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Starting this new blog gives me the platform to express my thoughts and views on current affairs in the medical world as well as giving an insight on my journey into achieving my aspiration of attending a medical school.

So my first post I thought I would write about myself as well as what made me want to pursue medicine.

I am a sixth form student at RGS Newcastle currently in Year 12. I am studying Chemistry, Biology, Economics and Maths at AS level and enjoy each thoroughly. I think its fair to say the arts were never my forte, I have always thrived in factual subjects (which is clearly shown through my A-Level subject choices). My problem has always been that I rarely take a dislike to subjects, choosing my A Level subjects was hard enough so I always knew choosing my career path would be challenging. It wasn’t until studying my GCSEs where the ’stars aligned’ and I knew the career path I wanted to follow. I have always had 2 options; Economics (a subject which I love and am extremely interested in) or Medicine. Making a definitive decision to pursue medicine came after attending the Medlink conference in Nottingham in December; it is a truly invaluable experience that I would recommend to anyone in two minds. I know Medicine will be a challenge, but certainly one I am willing to accept!

There is one personal experience that certainly clarified that I want to work in a healthcare and care environment. On the day of my last GCSE after a lovely meal in a restaurant I experienced an allergic reaction (which after extensive testing was later discovered to be caused by hazelnuts) which saw me rushed into A&E. In spite of my terror and uncertainty over what was going on, the camaraderie amidst the team was astonishing and I knew at that point I would love to be a part of that. In a hospital a team of strangers come together to treat you at your most vulnerable moment and can somehow become a friendly face and offer comfort and reassurance – I believe it truly highlights the good in society. I want to be that person who has helped people in their time of need – seeing their journey from arriving in sickness to leaving in health with your hard work at the heart of the success.

The source of success in medicine is teamwork and I for one love working in teams. Outside of the classroom I love taking part in team sports such as netball and hockey and have represented my school from a young age. I am currently captain of one of the senior netball teams in which I help organise teams for fixtures as well as lead the team on the court. My position enables me to enhance my leadership qualities (whether on the court taking control of training or offering encouragement when team moral is low in matches) whilst also experiencing challenges and success with a group of people I may not normally spend time with. It is certainly a rewarding pastime and one which allows me to escape from the bubble of academia.

Thank you for taking time to read my first post on introducing myself.
Next I will look to talk about work experience I partook in last summer and how that has helped me improve my personal attributes that are vital for medicine.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts and advice.

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  1. Hi Lauren,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post – it’s really interesting! Look forward to reading about your next post on the work experience that you did last year!

    Michael 🙂

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