Pre-Med Society

Me and a friend decided to found a pre-medical society in our school, as we felt not only would this be a great way to learn more about different professions and medicine as a whole, but it would be an opportunity for younger students to being thinking about career paths and possibly been inspired to do a career in medicine!
We firstly invited in a medical student who was doing her second year at Liverpool. She spoke about how to choose a medical school, the application process, how much she was enjoying university, what kind of things she was learning, etc. This was very helpful to find out a bit more about how to choose which medical schools I was going to apply to, and also made me really really excited to hopefully study medicine!
We then asked a psychologist and life coach to come in, who spoke about mental health and how important this is in the necessary holistic approach to a patient. She spoke about how to help people who have depression and anxiety, speaking about depression using the metaphor of a bin. She works part-time for the NHS as a psychologist, but was starting a life coaching business outside of the NHS, called Adventurous Coaching, helping people get back into jobs and to play an active part in their everyday lives.
We’ve also had an eye doctor come in. He spoke about why he chose that profession; reasons such as it fitting around a family life, there being a little number of deaths, and the fact that people can see the results and reward him with their gratitude. He specialised in paediatric ophthalmology, and spoke about his love for children, always brightening up his day and a reason for him to be silly. This really inspired me to consider a career in paediatrics.
We hope to invite in more health-care professionals in the future, and I hope this post has encouraged you to consider setting one up at your school!

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