Why We Should All Learn British Sign Language

Throughout my time completing work experience at the local nursing home, I was exposed to how many reasons which isolate people from the world around them and from society. One of the residents who I became quite friendly with very rarely left her room because she was quite hard of hearing and only ever really wanted to be by herself. For these reasons she isolated herself from the activities that were organised and coordinated at the care home, and this was very sad to witness because once she got chatting, you could tell that she loved having company and had so many amazing stories to tell.
This experience got me thinking about how excluded from society it must feel to be deaf or blind, especially when not everyone around you could speak your language, for most dead people the way that they communicate. When you go to a foreign speaking country, it’s often very isolating if you speak none of the language.
I began to learn British sign language, and I am still not good enough to have a fluent conversation, but I think through time and effort I will get there. I believe this skill is very important, and for the 50,000 deaf people living in UK who use BSL as their main language, i’m positive it would make a massive difference to their everyday lives.

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