Breast cancer screenings an extra when shopping for lingerie china

Ms Moulang said.”I think it’s becoming evident lingerie china¬†that it is so important for women to have the screening so they can catch cancer in the early stages and it is an excellent service.”Myer chief executive Bernie Brookes said the clinic provides a one-stop shop for female customers, who can do their shopping, grab a cup of coffee and have a mammogram.”There is a degree of warmth about the clinic and it … is extremely convenient for women,” Mr Brookes said.”It’s a great example of where everybody wins because it increases the penetration for people getting scanned and over three-quarters of Myer’s staff are women.”

WOMEN will be able Wholesale Bikini to combine retail therapy with healthcare in department stores, which have opened breast cancer screening clinics on the shop floor.The NSW Breast Cancer Institute and Myer are trialling a service where customers can have mammograms in the lingerie departments of four Sydney stores.

The mammograms are then transmitted in seconds Wholesale Corsets to the BCI Breast Centre at Westmead, where they are read by two doctors.The clinics — the first of which opened at Parramatta yesterday — will be fitted with the latest digital screening equipment to reduce examination time and improve accuracy, reporting time and image quality.BCI executive director John Boyages said one in 200 women tested at Myer would be diagnosed with breast cancer.

They will receive co-ordinated sexy lingerie supplier care by teams of experts at Westmead and associated hospitals,” Professor Boyages said.”We live in a juggling society where women are juggling children and grandchildren, juggling their work and often leave themselves to last. Here’s a chance to have a mammogram when you’re shopping.”The move by Myer at its Parramatta store follows the lead of Target, which since 2001 has launched a range of clothing every August as part of its Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

About 35 Australian women are diagnosed with the wholesale Christmas costumes disease every day.Elizabeth Moulang, 60, was the first customer to have a mammogram at the clinic yesterday and said she welcomed the convenience of it.”I think it is nice that the clinic is in the lingerie department as it’s very comfortable and girlie,”

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