The hats came from earlier annual crates for a abbreviate

Team Fortress 2’s in-game abridgement went awry endure anniversary if a bug showered players with Team Fortress 2 Items rare, Abnormal superior hats. Valve anchored the bug the afterward day and trade-locked the afflicted hats, endlessly anyone profiting from the glitch—but it’s now relented, and says players can barter one of the hats they acquired via the bug.

The hats came from earlier annual crates for a abbreviate window, aperture one such crate affirmed you an Abnormal hat, which are the a lot of approved items in TF2. On investigation, Valve said that a “small bulk of accounts acquired these hats, and a abate allocation of those accounts acquired an awfully ample bulk of them” in the aftermath.

It has disqualified that players can barter the aboriginal ashamed hat added to their account. The blow will be assuredly trade-locked. If you accept added than one, you can acquittance the bulk of the hats, or the crates or keys you got them from. Refunds will go reside in “about a week”, Valve said yesterday. The bulk of hats fabricated tradeable represents about a month’s annual of Unusuals.

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