A cure for terminal cancer?


I was looking if there were any new cures for diseases. I saw this published by the telegraph, on a cure for cancer. The article talks about patients in the trial for this new cure who had just months to live saw deadly tumours shrink or completely disappear.

I think this is interesting because the article states that the cure had a 50% success rate showing a progression for the future of medicine and cures for cancer. Personally, I think that more information and research are required to back this new cure. However I think this is a step in the right direction.

About me

I’m currently at KGV college studying Maths, Chemistry and Biology. My interests are in medical research and finding new cures for diseases and new drugs. I want to do medical research as I want to help other people by finding new cures. This is my interest as I love how the immune system works to defeat viruses, so I want to go into this field. I’m hoping to go to university to accomplish my dreams of doing medical research.