Turmeric the new miracle cure for Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease?

Turmeric. A common spice often used in dishes I grew up eating. Due to it having many health benefits I decided to make it the topic of today’s blog.

Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease are just two of the many diseases that turmeric may be able to treat. It is a common yellow spice often used in dishes such as curries. Turmeric is harvested from yurmeric root often most commonly founded in in Southeast Asia as it is native to there. In recent months due to scientific studies, it has been discovered that turmeric possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

The spices benefits have been backed up by a cohort of studies including one made recently which discovered that turmeric contains a chemical known as curcumin which may be the key to a new cancer.

However, there are claims that consuming this spice which has been used for centuries in countries such as India and china may do little more than add flavour. A ground breaking discovery published by the journal of Medical Chemistry discovered that turmeric may have little health benefits as it involved a review of scientific literature on curcumin.

Michael Walters, co-author and research associate professor at the University of Minnesota, states: “These studies have become a part of folklore, and their actual results don’t really measure up to what they’re quoted as.”

Researches often had conflict over the validity of the spices power as they weren’t able to attain any double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials, known as the gold-standard of medical research, on the spice.

Due to their both being positives and negative aspects of the spice such as its ability to be beneficial for preventing insulin resistance, improving high blood sugar and reducing the toxic effects of high blood glucose levels – meaning it could help diabetes however it having a link to obesity causes there to still remain some confusion upon its actual desire of treating a disease.

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