Causes Of Human Disease: Understanding Causes Of Disease course

Due to me being interested in scientific discoveries specifically those to do with medical advancements I decided to take part in an online course that I believed would help expand my knowledge regarding several topics. The course I participated in was offered by the University of Leeds and was called, CAUSES OF HUMAN DISEASE: UNDERSTANDING CAUSES OF DISEASE. I found this course to be wonderful as it was beneficial in providing information which I found crucial as it allowed me to deepen and expand my knowledge regarding issues and success that take place throughout the world due to medical advancements. The two week time period was effective as it allowed me to continue my academic studies but still spend time gaining extra information. The topics I learned about were the principles of population health, and the social determinants of health. Furthermore, apart from this my favourite topics that I learned about were health inequalities and global perspectives due to the fact that they provided information regarding issues that are occurring throughout the world that I wouldn’t necessarily have known about If I hadn’t done this course. Doing so allowed me to understand various things such as how developing countries often struggle with issues such as infant mortality rates due to them unfortunately not having advanced medical knowledge and resources.

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