The NHS postponing surgeries

This post will discuss the NHS’ decision to postpone non urgent surgeries until the end of the month. Personally I think that it is the best decision that could have been made. It is not the NHS’ fault that they are not receiving enough funding, and due to the holiday season they are completely overrun. There is nothing that could have prevented this sudden increase in patients, its just one of those things. With winter comes flu and other nasty things, and with ice comes car crashes and falls.

The NHS are doing the absolute best they can with their limited resources and beds. People seem to think that hospitals have an infinite number of beds, and unfortunately this is just not the case; they can only do so much at one time, and I think that the decision to postpone non urgent surgeries means that there are more staff to deal with the life threatening injuries and diseases that need immediate treatment.

Of course I sympathise with the patients who have have surgery postponed, but if there aren’t enough people there just aren’t  enough people, and there really isn’t anything the NHS can do about that. I hope that these patients receive their required treatment as soon as possible and that their surgeries go well.


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