My first blog post-“Hope springs eternal from the human breast”

Hello everyone,

It has been a long time since I came here. I had some problems with my account on the old website and then have just successfully managed to make a new account on the updated medlink website. It feels good to be back. I have had a long journey with lots of ups and downs since I came here last time. Now I am preparing for my January exams and may not come very frequently to start off with but after my exams finish, I will spend more time here. As exams are nearing the pressure is increasing and the stress as well. Anyone else feeling the same way?

So since it is my first blog post I just wanted to get started with a short post. Since it is the Mayan prophecy day today thought I will discuss that here. I was wondering whether anyone actually believes in it? It is scary to think that you could actually predict the future like that or if that was not the intention of the Mayans then today which marks the end of one of their 3 important calendars, has been very wrongly interpreted to mean that today is the end of the world. Although I never believed in it but it is interesting to see how a message passed along the generations could be so wrongly misinterpreted to mean something that it did not mean at all in the first place. But does the fact that even a few people may believe in it or be scared of today, represent our phobia and constant fear of the unknown future.

Where issues like global warming  and climate change have become such a familiar rhythm to everyone’s ears, do these kind of ‘prophecies’ make us fear evermore what we have been fearing so much in the past decade. How people who did even have an iota of belief in today’s ‘prophecy’ are going to live past this day, knowing that it was all just a misinterpretation of a simple message passed over the generations is beyond me. But for me it represents the growing fear of the unknown and the somewhat dark future we are heading towards. These kind of things just make us grip to our fear even more. Who knows when the world will actually end and whether it can ever be prophesied. With so many recent medical and healthcare advances in the past 50 years than there have not been in the whole of the history of mankind, what will be our future and if we know it, what will be our reaction. Does knowing the future even change anything in anyway. Can we after knowing the future, ever prepare for it.

These are questions that only time can answer but what we do in the meanwhile depends on our personal beliefs and moral values. A person’s religion and beliefs deeply affect their actions and their life. And if someone’s life does not revolve around religion then it has to revolve around something. For some, science is the perfect answer; for others it may well have been the belief in the Mayan prophecy. It is human nature to cling to some belief, to something that allows us to see light or perhaps some answer in the dark tunnel ahead of all of us. If we can’t get a consolation in the fact that everything will be alright, then as human nature goes, we console ourselves by removing the uncertainty in our path. That allows us to be practical, logical; to be able to think ahead and formulate a plan that allows us to form a new belief in the future, a belief that if nothing is going to be alright then atleast we have tried our best to try and make it alright or to survive through it. Like the horrifying Newtown killings in US represent a fear of the ever growing problem of violence in the US and what we do to stop it? What adds to our horror is that we cannot find a reason for it.

Why did Adam Lanza decide to use his mother’s guns, first to kill her and then to kill many innocent schoolchildren later on. What is even more horrifying is that not only was there no apparent reason for the killings, we can also find no apparent reason to his killings if he knew that this was going to end with him leaving the world. The human mind wants some kind of reason. We could still not have commited the heinous crime ourselves even if we do find out a plausible reason, such as revenge, money or the deterioration of his mental health. However after finding out the reason (if we ever do), we might understand why he did it. Why he had to ruin a perfect Friday, where many are excitedly preparing for the well-awaited weekend ahead. Where many parents will be waiting for their children so they could spend a nice weekend with them; what would their reaction have been when the weekend came and went, but their child was not by their side to bring a smile to their face.

This comes back to my point that whatever our excuse, we do need some kind of belief, some kind of understanding of the future. Whether we use science and medicine to explain it or whether we use religious scriptures to comfort ourselves of the future, we as humans do need something to cling onto. For me, being a Muslim, it is the Quran which I use to regulate my daily activities around. But for others it may well have been the Mayan prophecy. And when tomorrow comes, they will need to find some sort of excuse to either explain why the world did not end, or to simply admit that they misunderstood and to cling on to another belief system. It all boils down to one saying by Alexander Pope, “Hope springs eternal from the human breast.”

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