Welcome to my blog!

My name is Ollie and I have the intention of studying medicine at university in the near future. I am currently in year 12 at school studying biology, chemistry, physics and maths A-Levels. I will be using this blog to document my experiences in healthcare environments, taking time to reflect on these experiences as well as current issues or news stories relating to the medical world.

I’ve been interested in studying medicine for a few years now and really think that medicine would be the course that I would really enjoy studying. I feel that it is extremely well-suited to my nature as a ‘people person’ and having the ability to help people out and change lives on a day-to-day basis would be extremely rewarding. I hope that at least one person reading this blog can take something from it, especially if, like me, you’re pretty interested in medicine.

I have recently undertaken a two-day residential course at the University of Nottingham (Medlink) for year 12 students interested in pursuing a career in medicine. For anyone considering a career as a doctor, I would really recommend this course, as it was extremely useful, as it gave us different ways to boost our applications for medical school. It is also a chance for people who aren’t sure whether medicine is for them, to gain more of an insight into the admissions process and life of a medical professional.

I will aim to write a blog post about once a week, and I hope that many of you find this useful in the coming weeks and months, as I take my steps to hopefully being accepted into medical school. 🙂

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