Is Gluten Free All That It Claims To Be?

You probably all know someone who is on the gluten free diet, whether they are intolerant or whether it is by choice. Personally, I’ve never really known much about it, other than it’s supposedly the healthier option. However, it was reported this week that this may be untrue.

Gluten is a protein found in certain foods such as wheat, rye and barley. Coeliac disease is the condition whereby individuals are intolerant to this specific protein, and thus is the only situation when a gluten-free diet is essential. It is a condition that only 1% of the population have. Having said this, a lot of non-coeliac disease sufferers go for a gluten-free diet; this is mainly as a result from the media claiming that there are significant long-term health benefits.

Scientists from the US have claimed that a gluten-free diet can increase your risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes by 13% compared to those who have a ‘normal’ intake of gluten. The evidence of this was based on medical records of 200,000 patients over a course of 30 years. As with most claims, though, much more research would have to be completed for this claim to become set in stone.

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