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Hospital Work Experience April 2017

I haven’t posted as regularly recently because I had my exams over May and June and I’ve been away a lot since but hopefully I will start to post weekly again over the next couple of months.

In April this year I got the opportunity to undertake some work experience in a local hospital. I was allocated to a ward that specialised in acute medicine for the elderly. This gave me the chance to see what day-to-day life is like on the hospital wards. I was involved in the daily whiteboard meetings to update patients’ notes so that everyone knows whats happening with each patient. The consultants then took me on their ward rounds, where they spoke to all the patients about how they were and change their drug charts whenever necessary.

While on the ward rounds, I would ask doctors questions about each patient, about their conditions, diagnoses and treatment which was really useful for me, getting to learn more about lots of various conditions.

One morning, I went with the doctor and he showed me some x-rays and CT scans that provided evidence for diagnosis of different conditions/diseases. He told me what to look for when looking for scans and showed me the notes along with scans used to diagnose patients with conditions such as heart failure, pneumonia and strokes.

Being associated with the elderly also meant that I experienced a lot more dementia that some other students. As it is something I am quite used to now, I felt comfortable talking to patients with dementia, a contrast to how I was a year ago.

Work experience in a hospital has by far been my favourite so far and would strongly recommend emailing a local hospital enquiring about some work experience yourselves 🙂