Operation Medical School

Recently, I attended an event called Operation Medical School held at Imperial College London. The event was run by current medical students so offered an excellent opportunity to speak to them and find out what studying medicine is really like.

The day involved a breakdown of both the UKCAT and the BMAT and tips on how to complete them successfully, followed by advice on writing a stand-out personal statement and how to survive the interview process. The information was incredibly thorough and well-presented and has really helped me to understand the process involved with applying to medical school.

However, in my opinion, the most useful part of the day was being able to ask questions to current medical students studying at the university. This highlighted to me the commitment and resolve required when training to be a doctor. One student spoke about how they were recently responsible for washing someone who was deceased which was an initial shock for them. This has helped me to realise the difficult situations that I would find myself in and that it is important that I learn how to deal with these, which is one of the reasons why work experience is so important. The students also spoke about the sacrifices they have had to make whilst studying, such as missing out on social events. I understand that this is important as the reward will be great.

Overall, the event was incredibly informative about the process of applying for and getting into medical school and also gave a personal insight into what studying is really like and both the challenges and rewards that it brings.

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