“Why Do You Want To Be A Doctor?”

Since this is the most commonly asked question to all aspiring doctors, I will inaugurate my blog by answering this question.

There are many parts to my answer. The first and probably the easiest one to explain is that I love to learn. I love to learn new things and I adore that feeling you get when you finally understand something for the first time. Medicine is an ever-changing profession, and so by undertaking it I will always be learning. This is a career that will never become boring or repetitive. It interests me greatly to see the world around me and to know why things happen. I love to see how things work. I can see someone get ill and recover because of the white blood cells’ actions. I can see a vaccination and know why it has helped. I can see two brown-haired parents have a red-haired child and know why this has occurred.

As well as loving to learn, I love problem solving. It gives me the opportunity to apply the knowledge I have previously acquired until I can find the solution. It is even better that this problem solving opportunity allows me to help someone other than myself. The fact that I can use my knowledge to help someone else amazes me.

The final reason is simple. At some point, everybody is going to die. So in the end, everybody will have the same fate. Yet what matters is how we spend our lives before it ends. I want to be able to do something I enjoy for my whole life, as well as improve the quality of life for those around me. I want to help people because that way, I will be helping myself.

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