Musings Over The Universe

Even though this is a medicine blog, it is my journey to medicine I am posting about, so I will post something not entirely relevant. It is science related, so I guess I’m not straying too much.

We have just finished particle physics in my physics class (as I am Scottish I’m doing the Higher course – I’m not sure if this is covered in A-Level) and there were a few things I was wondering about.

There is not enough antimatter for matter in our universe, correct? I have a theory I wish to share. Maybe, when the Big Bang happened the anti matter and matter separated. As the expansion happened they moved further apart because the bits that were touching annihilated each other, and this energy forced the matters to separate. Then they got so far apart they made two separate universes. So there is an antimatter universe identical to ours, except oppositely charged. So like a parallel universe, only much better.

It is accepted right now that we are the only universe, and it is infinite. Firstly, I doubt greatly we are the only universe. We used to believe we were the only planet. We were wrong. We used to believe ours was the only solar system. We were wrong. We believed we were part of the only galaxy. We were wrong. So why couldn’t we be wrong about this? Also, I do not believe our universe is infinite. If there is another universe obviously it can’t be, but even disregarding that theory, I think that the universe is only infinite to us because we cannot see the edge. We can’t see the edge of the sky, so we used to believe there was no end to it – “the shy’s the limit” – it was infinite. Obviously, it’s not. Our atmosphere is only a few miles. Our universe is only infinite because we can’t find its edge.

Since you get antimatter, I don’t see why you can’t get anti-photons and anti-rays. It would only make sense if you could. So instead of ‘emitting’ light, anti-photons would absorb it. That would explain the dark matter in our universe. Maybe it has anti-photons, so we can’t see it. Photons are particles. They should have their own anti-particle. Maybe there are anti-gravitons too. I know the graviton hasn’t been scientifically detected yet, but if you accept it, there should be an anti-graviton. It may account for the expansion of our universe.

These are only theories, and I know there may be inaccuracies. Please do contact me if there is anything you feel I should change. I am happy to talk about this at length. And I am happy to be corrected.


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