I’m very sorry for my lack of being online recently, I was on holiday and then unable to access the website. Was this a problem experienced by others or just by me?

Anyway, the last few weeks haven’t been particularly interesting for me. I have unable to visit the care home at which I usually volunteer as I was ill and didn’t think it would be great to go. I did however start my official volunteering as a counsellor for ChildLine on Sunday, after a 50 hour training course plus three fully supervised shifts. It wasn’t too bad, and was far better than I expected. I’m a lot more confident when I don’t have someone watching over me the whole time. Doing this along with the care home has made me so much better at talking to people. I didn’t expect the effect to be so large. I’m very happy with this, though. I used to be such a shy person. I still am, but it’s improved so much.

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