My Prelim exams are fast approaching, and I find myself procrastinating doing work more and more. Although now, as I have realised there are less than 4 weeks to go, I have managed to motivate myself to get a move on, and yesterday I managed to make notes on the whole of the first unit of the physics course. My dad encouraged me to try and sell them, as I have typed them and they may come in useful to someone else. So if anybody wishes to buy them, I’ll sell them at £2 and email them to you. This is for the Scottish Higher course so may not be relevant to English students – I don’t know what is covered in your course – and is for the new CFE Higher course. So please reply to this if you’re interested 🙂

As far as the exams go, I’m not too nervous. Hopefully they will all be fine, but let’s wait and see. The only subject I am worried about is English and I am starting to regret my decision to take it. It isn’t required for Medicine, and so I could have requested to take something instead. The problem is now that I have taken it, an A is essential. So hopefully that is do-able.

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