Just nonsense really…

The care home I volunteer at has finally offered me a job! I’m very happy about this, I will finally get paid. As much as I love volunteering, 7 hours a week was a bit taxing, especially as this didn’t allow me space for any income. I start once my exams are done in June, because I don’t want to make too much of a time commitment now.

In other news, I’ve started the Saltire Volunteer Award. It gives you awards for how many hours of voluntary work you do. You can go 2 years into the past, so I have achieved both my 50 hours and 100 hours certificates. It’s always good to have some way to say “Yes, I volunteer loads: here’s my certificate.”

Exam leave starts next week, and my first exam is a week tomorrow. Obviously, I’m nervous, but not too badly 🙂 I have a week off at the end of exam leave, and as well as allowing myself some days off, I have organised two days of work experience in the gastroenterology department, which should be really interesting 😀

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