Building My Confidence

To become a doctor, you require some qualities and skills, I don’t have them all as I’ve never been put in a situation where I would have to care for someone or even assist someone. I am a reserved person and don’t have much confidence to voluntarily talk to someone. I know for a fact that as a doctor you need to be able to talk to people and you need to sound confident in order to be trusted by your patients. When given an opportunity to improve my confidence, I took it.

I am volunteering at a dementia care home and once a week I go and talk to a resident for an hour. On my first visit, I struggled to start a conversation or even talk to the resident because I thought that they didn’t want to talk to me and I was just wasting their time. However, I realised that they are actually grateful for the company, even though we were sat in silence for half the time. By the end of our session, I had become comfortable talking to the resident. The second time I went to visit, the resident didn’t recognise me and, naturally, I was a bit disheartened that I hadn’t left a memorable impression the first time, but when it was time for me to leave she asked me to come back again and I could tell that she liked talking to me (mostly because I listen very well to make up for my lack of speech). Although I wasn’t taking care of the resident, I was giving them space to confide in me.

Sometimes patients might not require assistance or care, they might just need someone to talk to and make their hospital experience more comfortable.

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