The Making of a Medic

I am Bernice, a 17-year old facing the many challenges of school life. One of these challenges used to be the seemingly simple question, ‘what do you want to be when you are older?’. Whenever teachers or relatives would ask this question, I would become filled with uncertainty and anxiety. I would ask myself, ‘what do I want to do?’ The answer to this question has changed as frequently as it has been asked, over the years.  I’ve wanted to be a teacher, an artist, a fashion designer, an engineer and a plethora of other jobs. This question about my future used to be difficult to answer, but not anymore.

I am now certain about the career path I want to take. No longer does this question about my future fill me with anxiety or worry. There is no hesitation when I respond with, ‘I want to go into medicine’.

A medical career has always been an idea that I’ve considered. I became certain about it when one day, a friend and I were talking about the jobs we wanted when we were older. I listed a few different jobs that interested me, including going into medicine, to which my friend replied with, ‘ I could see you as a doctor’. This made me think, ‘could I see myself as a doctor?’ The answer was and still is, yes.

Taking a medical degree will enable me to gain knowledge about so many fascinating topics and use that knowledge for a great power – the power to help others. The ability to help people in ways that others can’t is a remarkable opportunity that I am determined to work hard for.

I have completed extensive research about what becoming a doctor entails. Though the high entry requirements and tough competition to get into medicine do intimidate me, I am determined to work hard to achieve my desire to go into the medical field.

Though the journey may not be easy, I will become a doctor.

By Bernice Mangundu.


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