NHS – Is it up for sale?

Hi guys, it’s Joerel here on Medicine on My Mind. I’m just your average 17-year-old student studying at Newman Sixth. While I may or may not be interested in studying medicine for university (I’m actually more focused on becoming a human geneticist), I’m here to inform people of any important news and advances in medicine, whether it be something like the CRSIPR-Cas9 system or the NHS.

And let’s focus on something today – the NHS.

The NHS, the National Health Service, was founded in 1948 and is a free health service (mostly) within the UK. While it was successive during the time of its creation, the NHS has been stumbling downhill for the past few years. Whether the blame can be put on the financial crisis of the NHS, availability of hospitals or the government itself, anyone can agree that the NHS is not doing as well as it should.

So where is this taking us exactly? Well, we should ask ourselves, what’s the current worry for the NHS? Well, the NHS may or may not be up for sale.

According to the Guardian, Theresa May has refused to rule out whether the NHS would be sold out or not after Brexit. Isn’t Brexit so wonderful? I’ll have some links somewhere at the bottom of this blog, but it is really concerning. Oversimplifying this whole debacle, Theresa May was asked whether the NHS may be associated with US health corporations but has refused to comment on it. All she says about this, back at Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat leader, who asked this question, was that he “doesn’t know what they’re going to say in their requirements for that free trade agreement. We will go into those negotiations to get the best possible deal for the United Kingdom.” The rest of the article is basically explaining the issues of the Brexit deals, whether it will happen or not, and Labour just disagreeing with the plans.

But what exactly is the “best possible deal?” Would you like Donald Trump having a say in our NHS? There is no guarantee from our Prime Minister that our NHS is safe. She pretty much avoided answering Cable’s question. There are so many possibilities, but is it so much to ask to protect our free national health service that we have had for 70 years? The concern is that if US corporations have power in our NHS, it could be possible for private firms to have power which could lead to the privatisation of our NHS and essentially end the NHS.

It’s really worrying that our prime minister cannot answer whether the NHS is safe or not. While the prime minister’s spokesperson stated that “the NHS is not for sale and it never will be”, we the general public are more in the dark with the Brexit deals and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (or the TTIP) than Theresa May. It’s unknown what the NHS may be looking at, but anything is possible – even demanding the NHS. The Independent highlights how “critics say this rising “privatisation” has opened the door to US health firms, who already view the NHS as a gold mine”, so it’s highly possible that the NHS may be a tradable bargaining chip for Theresa May’s so-called “best possible deal” with the TTIP.

Though I have hope for our country, the prime minister, government and NHS. I would like to keep things positive. We should trust Theresa May to give us the best possible deal for the UK, and it may be possible that the deal may have a positive impact on the NHS. We don’t know what will happen and the fate of the NHS is in the hands of May and the government, so we should have faith in them to protect our NHS. But just remember this: a lot of this is my opinion based on a few sources and this topic is recently new with little progress, so anything is entirely possible. But we should all have hope for what would come.

Thanks guys for reading.

By Joerel Gestopa

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