Medical Work Observation Programme (MWOP)

From the 17th of July to the 21st July I had the amazing opportunity of attending the Medical Work Observation Programme (MWOP) 2017 at Cardiff Heath Hospital. I had such an eye opening week there, and was able to shadow doctors and see what type of work they do on a day to day basis. I was also able to get an insight into the variation that exists within medicine and also the overlap between different specialties and areas. I found this extremely interesting as I feel it’s something that is not recognised as much, as people often think specialists work only in one area and that they only see one specific thing, but that actually within medicine there can be overlaps with almost everything, and doctors can come across people will illnesses that cross a number of different specialities, not just the one they are in. Seeing how the doctors and surgeons deal with that, how medicine is affected by it, and how the different specialties work together was really interesting to see.

My time at MWOP made my passion to become a doctor even more intensified, as I found the work that all the doctors did so fascinating, and it really made me realise how much I would appreciate the role. I found it so admiring how hard all the staff of the hospital worked and how much they had to do, and also how there are a lot of external and social factors that come into medicine, that I had perhaps not fully appreciated before.

I wrote a short diary entry for every day that I spent at MWOP, which will be featured shortly following this post, where I go into more detail about what areas of medicine I was lucky enough to see, and what I learned and discovered from my time there.

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