MWOP – Day 1

Every day at MWOP was split into two sections. We would have a clinical observation every morning and then a lecture-based activity in the afternoon. However, on the first day the morning consisted entirely of an induction which was extremely interesting, and of course very important. They went over the essentials such as hand washing, fire safety, confidentiality, time management and the basic rules of conduct in a hospital environment. Seeing as most of us had not been in such a situation before, it was information that was invaluable to us and is something that applies not only to medicine but to general life, and will come in handy in the future.

In the afternoon we did some small clinical workshops. We were taught about cannulation and how to correctly insert a cannular into a patient. We were also taught how blood is taken and were able to practice on dummies! We were taught CPR and the correct way to deal with a situation outside of a hospital environment when someone is unconscious and may require CPR. I found this especially interesting as it is something that could be needed at any time and we could come across at any point in our lives, and could mean saving someone’s life. We also were taught how to suture, and were able, again, to practice on dummies, and it felt amazing actually trying some of the practical medicine, as it’s something I’ve never had the opportunity to do before.

We also looked at different parts of the anatomy on a 3D screen, where we were shown what different organs and parts of the body looked like, and their position in relation to one another.

Overall I found the first day was a vital opening introduction, and allowed us to understand the professional side and reality of working and being in a hospital environment. It also gave us valuable time to get to know each other, as we would all be working together for the week, and so it helped to build out team work and communication skills which are so vital in not only medicine, but also day to day life in general. We were also able to develop our problem solving skills on this first morning as we were given certain activities to do in a group throughout the day which was extremely interesting and useful to learn.



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