The discovery of Richard III

Today it was revealed that the skeleton found in a car park in Leicester is the skeleton of Richard III.  

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The skull and complete spine of King Richard III (University of Leicester/AFP/Getty Images)

I’m currently studying the usurpation and reign of Richard III, as part of my AS Level History course, so I found this discovery very interesting. 

It’s fascinating to learn about the tests that were carried out to confirm the identity of the skeleton. The bones were tested for DNA against a descendent of Richard III’s sister.

I read some articles about DNA testing and learned some interesting facts. 99.9% of the DNA of two people is identical, it is only 0.1% of the DNA code sequences that vary in different people, making us all unique. This is called a genetic marker. The more closely related people are, the more likely it is that their genetic markers are similar.  

It is a DNA test, which confirmed that the skeleton found beneath a car park belonged to Richard III. 

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