Malaria nets are not always effective

In the Lancet medical journal a couple of weeks ago, scientists said that mosquito nets are not effective for people who work or sleep outside at night, in countries where malaria incidents are at a low level. I agree with their findings as, when I was living in Malawi, we had security guards who worked outside our house all night. While we were asleep under our mosquito nets, they were walking around the garden being bitten by mosquitoes, and at risk from malaria.  Many men in the cities in Malawi work as night guards for families and businesses, and they can’t be protected like most people. It is a fact that malaria-carrying mosquitoes are most likely to bite people between 10pm and 5am in the night, so if you sleep under a net your chances of catching malaria are greatly reduced.

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This BBC news article suggests other ways people could be protected is to treat hammocks or clothing with repellants. I think it is really important to research new ways of preventing malaria, like finding a vaccine or genetically changing mosquitoes, if malaria is ever going to be totally eradicated. Until then, we must make sure governments give the Global Fund enough money to keep providing treated bed nets and quick diagnosis tests for all the vulnerable people living in malarial countries.

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