Manchester Medical Student – a worldwide internet hit

I read in the Independent news here the other day about a medical student, Tom Leach, who has won an award for his medical blog.

“One day I went into the library and there was a queue for the photocopier where people were copying my notes,” said Dr Leach. So, in 2009, he decided to create a website, He originally only shared his medical lecture notes online with his fellow medical students at Manchester University, but they passed them onto others and soon his website became so popular with medical students around the world that it has now been voted by medical professionals as a global industry innovator, alongside Ben Goldacre and Sir Bruce Keogh.

Now it is used by thousands of students, with hundreds of articles, blogs and course notes contributed from students and doctors around the world.

Dr Leach, now 26 and working in Australia, said: “It’s like the Wikipedia of medicine, with doctors as editors to verify the content, but it’s written in a simple way.”

You can find his blog here.


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