Success In Medical School Interview Course

On Sunday I travelled to London for the day for a course in how to succeed at a medical interview. The Success in Medical School Interview course was held in a hotel in Paddington and I arrived at 9.30am, in time for a coffee before we started. There were several other people on the course, some graduates and undergraduates, as well as a friend of mine.

We covered key interview techniques including selling ourselves, our motivation for medicine, and the duties and qualities of a doctor. After lunch we practised communication skills and challenging interview questions, before going over some MMI style questions, such as medical ethics, law, data interpretation and hot topics. We finished around 4.30pm, after discussing the finishing touches, such as body language, dress code and confidence techniques, and were given a certificate for attending.

photo 2

I was really impressed with all the course materials we were given, and that the organisers had tailored it to specific things we’d requested before it started; eg I asked for practice with data interpretation and role play for my MMI interview. Overall I found the course very useful, and I’d recommend it especially if you live close to London, and feel you need some advice and feedback before your medical interview. Dr Ting and Mr Qiu, who organised the course, were both very professional and experienced, and I’d like to thank them both.