• There is alot of debate in the news at the moment about the new NHS 111 helpline. I didn’t fully understand the point of this extra helpline, whether it was an alternative to calling 999 or if it offered a different service entirely? After watching a youtube video on the launch of the 111 in Derbyshire, and researching the topic on the NHS…[Read more]

  • Last Friday I did a presentation to our school bio-med group. It was a chance to research a topic in medicine that you find particularly interesting. I choose to do mine on a rare skin condition called Xeroderma Pigmentosum, after hearing about the charity in aid of the few unfortunate to have inherited it.
    XP is an inherited condition…[Read more]

  • Yesterday we had a seminar at school from Professor John Wyatt. He is a Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics at University College London. He is also recognised as an expert on ‘Beginning of Life Ethical Dilemmas’. I was awed by the answers he gave to the questions we threw at him, ranging from a medical trial he ran into using hypothermia on babies…[Read more]

  • ‘Haloes are real – what colour is yours?’ – Article from the New Scientist. Some people claim that they can see colourful haloes around other people, reflecting emotions with varying hues. This claim has been explored on a 23 year old man with Aspergers by asking him to read coloured letters reflected onto the area where he claimed to see a halo.…[Read more]