• A couple of weeks ago, I attended a work experience week at a local hospital which was designed for prospective medical students. I thought that it would be a good idea to reflect upon and share some of the events […]

  • Hello readers! Sorry for not posting in a while- I was busy with UKCAT and school exams. Thankfully they’re all over now though! Thought I would post some book reviews, as I’ve been reading quite a lot lately. The […]

  • Cancer is never an easy thing to talk about with a patient, and it seems to be a common taboo in our society. I think that cancer is a very interesting disease, not only on a molecular level, but also from an […]

  • I regularly do volunteering at my local hospital, and I wanted to speak about some of the experiences that I had yesterday.

    On the vascular ward that I help out on, the majority of patients are elderly, which […]

  • On the 29th of March I took the long journey down to Cambridge, unsure what to expect from a bioethics conference. It’s fair to say that over the course of the two days I learnt so much about not only ethical […]

  • We may all try to live a healthy lifestyle, choosing to eat well, stay fit and not smoke, but what if we were increasing our risk of cancer, simply by living next to a busy road?

    An article in The Times […]

  • Recently I read an article that discussed the possibility of using CRISPR, to edit genes in order to lower someone’s cholesterol levels.

    The technology is based on recent research that is focused on a protein […]

  • Emily wrote a new post, Somnox, on the site MyMedicalMind 11 months, 1 week ago

    In Friday’s paper, I read an article about a new sleeping aid called Somnox. Essentially it is a robot which is designed especially to aid insomnia.

    Somnox claims to be the first non-medical solution to sleep […]

  • Emily wrote a new post, Misophonia, on the site MyMedicalMind 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    Last week, neurologists claimed that the hatred of specific sounds, can actually be a sign of a neurological disorder called misophonia, also known as selective sound sensitivity syndrome. Although recent research […]

  • Emily wrote a new post, Bio-glass, on the site MyMedicalMind 12 months ago

    ThumbnailRecent research has seen the development of bio-glass: a material able to imitate cartilage, possibly stimulating its regrowth. It has opened up the world of grafting to new possibilities. Grafting materials need […]

  • ThumbnailConcussion symptoms vary between patients, making the condition sometimes difficult to determine, as it primarily relies on physical indicators. This is heightened by the fact that patients may disguise their […]

  • Emily wrote a new post, Ectopic Pregnancies, on the site MyMedicalMind 1 year ago

    ThumbnailAn ectopic pregnancy occurs when an embryo implants outside the womb, commonly in the fallopian tubes, although it is also known to occur in other abdominal areas too. This complication can also be referred to as […]

  • Emily wrote a new post, Bell’s Palsy, on the site MyMedicalMind 1 year ago

    ThumbnailI first came across this Bell’s palsy in a book called ‘Adventures in Human Being’ by Gavin Francis. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in medicine, as it explores a vast range of cases, ethical […]

  • Emily wrote a new post, What is the Mesentery?, on the site MyMedicalMind 1 year ago

    ThumbnailThis morning’s news was jam-packed with articles surrounding the discovery of a ‘new organ’ called the mesentery. Before today, I never knew of the mesentery, or it’s purpose in the human body.

    The […]

  • Emily wrote a new post, LUKE Arm Prothetic, on the site MyMedicalMind 1 year ago

    ThumbnailThe LUKE arm has been branded as the world’s most advanced prosthetic arm and has been created by the same man who designed the segway: Dean Kamen. The team worked on this model at DEKA Research and Development […]

  • Glad that you enjoyed reading it 🙂

  • ThumbnailWhilst browsing articles earlier, I came across an inspiring new device which could revolutionise fracture treatment.
    The cast is personalised for each patient, forming a 3D printed lattice made of plastic around […]

  • Emily wrote a new post, Sickle-Cell Anaemia, on the site MyMedicalMind 1 year ago

    ThumbnailSickle-cell anaemia is a genetic condition caused by a single mutation, which results in red cells becoming crescent shaped, meaning that their ability to carry oxygen around the body is compromised.

    Humans […]

  • ThumbnailAn article which I read this morning that really amazed me, was one describing how dogs were being trained to sniff out people who have a prostate cancer. This method is being developed in various areas across the […]

  • Emily wrote a new post, Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), on the site MyMedicalMind 1 year ago

    ThumbnailThe Glasgow Coma Scale is a widely used neurological scoring method, which allows for health carers to monitor the conscious state of a patient. It’s recognised in over 80 countries, and has been translated into […]

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