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    I prefer summer to winter, so it’s a shame they always do the exams and the important stuff in the former. However this half-term always feels really mixed: You can have a week off and relax but on the other hand […]

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    So the book I ordered to help me with the UKCAT came today and it’s rather poetically named one thousand-two hundred and fifty UKCAT questions. It looks wonderful. Another thing I did was watch a few you tube […]

  • So, after reading the last couple of posts, it’s pretty clear that I’ve become embroiled in telling facts and information, and forgotten that this is supposed to be a blog. This is a typical characteristic of mine […]

  • Well, the book I’m getting the majority of my information off is in chronological order so it makes sense to follow the pattern. (Medical school interviews is the name of the book). So the next guy, Galen of […]

  • As I’m reading about medicine right now, I thought it would be characteristically nerdy of me to do a few posts about famous people that have contributed to our present understanding of it.

    The first guy; […]

  • Okay, so the weekly update thing almost immediately failed. However I’m gonna give it another shot because it seems a shame to so easily give up. So for medical news I often go to my twitter account however that […]

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    Gonna try to be honest with myself on this blog. I do read medical news, but I have a bad habit of skimming though it rather than actually reading the details. Anyway hopefully I will be able to keep this going […]

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