Fortnite: Pros and Cons of SCAR & FAMAS – Which is Better?

For months on the finish, players of Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode asked for any burst counterpart of the SCAR. Fortnite finally answered together with the FAMAS, a three-round burst rifle which will be discovered in each epic and legendary versions and which serves as a direct upgrade for the common burst rifle.

This addition is great for players who currently preferred the burst rifle more than the common assault rifle as they could now finally use the loadout that suits them greatest. So now only one query remains: Is it any great, or will the legendary SCAR nonetheless be king with the assault rifles?

How Does the FAMAS Perform?
As an upgrade to the blue burst rifle, the FAMAS obviously deals more damage and also reloads faster, but the biggest upgrade comes in the form of much less bullet spread, or “bloom,” as experienced players call it. The bullets of one burst from the FAMAS have a lot less spread than those from the regular burst rifle, making it much easier to hit two or even three bullets from one burst, which is the burst rifle’s biggest advantage over the regular assault rifle.

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At first glance, the strengths and weaknesses of the SCAR and the FAMAS seem to mirror those of the regular assault rifle and burst rifle. The SCAR deals more damage per shot, but it doesn’t have the fast and high burst damage that the FAMAS can deal; the SCAR is more accurate, but it can’t shoot as many bullets in one quick peek. To find out which weapon is truly better, we’ll have to look at the statistics to hopefully get an answer.

What Do the Numbers Say?
• Legendary SCAR:
• Damage: 36 (72 Headshot)
• Fire rate: 5.5
• Reload time: 2.1 seconds
• Spread: 0.150

Legendary FAMAS:
• Damage: 33 (66 Headshot)
• Fire rate: 1.75
• Reload time: 2.3 seconds
• Spread: 0.175

Pros and Cons
So let’s start off with the elephant in the room here and get rid of the obvious stuff. The SCAR’s DPS is a lot higher than that of the FAMAS but doesn’t have the quick bursts of damage, meaning in a continuing spray down, you can deal a lot more damage with the SCAR than with the FAMAS. On the other side, quick peeks with the FAMAS are more effective because you have the ability to shoot three bullets in rapid succession.

When we look at the spread of both guns, you can see that the SCAR has less spread, but to make it as effective as possible, you have to be very accurate, especially when your target is quite far away. If you feel like your aim isn’t the best, it’s often better to take the FAMAS over the SCAR because it’s easier to hit at least one bullet with the FAMAS when you’re shooting one burst and then ducking back behind cover.

The SCAR is definitely the superior weapon when it comes to destroying structures. Its higher fire rate and equivalent structure damage make it way more effective for shooting down ramps or a one-by-one from pushing players.

Both the SCAR and the FAMAS are very powerful guns, and the best choice for you mainly comes down to personal preference. However, in some cases, one can be more effective than the other.

If you’re not carrying a weapon that is good at destroying structures, you should definitely take the SCAR over the FAMAS. If you’re planning on playing a bit slower, the FAMAS can be deadly with its quick crouch peeks. And lastly, if you don’t have a sniper, the SCAR has a much faster reset for the first-bullet accuracy, making it much more effective for long-range targets and quick taps.

In the end, there is no true winner. Both guns perform very well and are good at different things. The FAMAS is a great addition to the game that should please fans of the regular burst rifle.

Hopefully, this helps you choose the assault rifle that suits you best and gets you as many victory royales as possible in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Many of these rewards are tied towards the game’s Battle Pass technique. It is a paid-for season pass that permits you to unlock one of a kind cosmetic things as you earn EXP and rank up. You must not pay a penny when you don’t wish to, as there are also quite a few free of charge items you may earn for merely playing the game.

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Fortnite: Battle Royale Free of charge Products ( Twitch Prime Pack )
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Five Points to Understand From Fortnite’s patch v5.20

Patch v5.20 is going to feel like playing a greater version with the similar game, as an alternative to switching things up too much. Although that may not make everyone delighted, it no less than implies a lot more stable game and one particular with a small less unintended aggravation. There is 1 spot exactly where the game’s functionality and its balance intersect, and that is with C4. The notoriously buggy weapon is obtaining its choose up quantity lowered by one particular within this patch, as well as getting just a little quieter when it explodes.

The new double barrel shotgun could possibly bring one-shots back
Whilst shotguns have generally been the preferred tool for players when they got up close and individual, the Double Barrel is coming in to fill a lot more distinct variety in that it is seriously only going to become powerful at point-blank ranges. But, what the Double Barrel lacks in variety it makes up for in pure damage. In reality, supposing you could hit your shots, this shotgun does 150 base damage in its Legendary kind, meaning that one-shot kill shotguns are officially back inside the game.

Steady storm mode is coming to maintain players moving
Inside the new Steady Storm restricted time mode, there isn’t any protected zone. Players drop onto the island and are forced to constantly outrun a storm that’s often advancing and does 10 damage per second. For the reason that the mode will in no way let players know after they may be secure, this ought to be a perfect location for players who want nothing more than continual, frantic action.

You could now look at your challenges in-game
This has been one of the most oft-requested options in all of Battle Royale and it is ultimately right here. Alongside just having the ability to view the challenge menu itself, players will also see certain encouraged challenges even though looking at the map screen. This isn’t specifically a radical transformation for the game, but it is a fantastic quality-of-life update for just about each player.

Crouch peeking has been fixed
In Epic’s never-ending quest to fix Fortnite’s problematic peeking, crouch peeking seems to have been taken out of your game. For players that don’t know, crouch peeking permitted players to fire their weapon when promptly crouching and un-crouching behind a wall. If players did this fast sufficient, they could shoot more than the wall, but couldn’t be hit on the other side. This made them practically invincible, which need to provide you with an excellent hint as to why Epic would wish to eliminate it in the game. Since it turns out, shots fired from a half-crouched position had been firing as if players have been totally standing, a problem Epic has now fixed.

Vending machines may be helpful now
When they had been initially added each of the ways back in April, vending machines seemed like they might be interesting scenario additions to the game. However, they in no way definitely have been and since then, components have gotten much more rare, producing them far more valuable than any gun. Thankfully, Epic is taking a balance pass at vending machines in hopes of creating them even slightly valuable. As of patch v5.20, vending machines will now spawn a lot more typically and price considerably much less as a way to get items.

Ordinarily, they are not worth the problems for motives which might be adequate in the extended run. Even though they may be beneficial for players who may possibly know absolutely nothing about the game. For by far the most element, they’re understanding tools for newbies to ease them into the game. For far more Fortnite Tips And Guides, it is possible to visit Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code at no cost from the reps should you Get Fortnite Items or Weapons from this short article.

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