Things I want to achieve during the summer – Part 1

Although I am a bit late of updating this, but it is finally the summer holidays.

Weeks before the holidays, I was feeling excited but a bit worried as well.

One- because my AS results will be out in the 17th of August ( but unfortunately, I won’t be able to get it since I’ll be overseas.

Two-  Since now I’m the Charity director of the Sixth Form Council, I have some things to do such as planning and inviting for this event, Macmillan Coffee Morning, that will be taking place in 29th of September. Although it’s still in September, I’ve been planning and making ideas ahead- since July.  I want it  to turn out well since we will be raising money to help and support the Macmillan  Cancer Support.

Three- I have  a lot of things to do  besides school work over the summer. I’ve got things that I want to achieve such as; Finishing off some research projects, catch up  on my notes in school, UCAS requirements, UKCAT and BMAT Preparation, work experiences, and to widen my interest in Medicine such as watching medical shows, reading books and reading news.


They may not be that much, but it will take some time and it will be difficult to handle them over the summer since you’ll be busy relaxing and spending time with your family and friends, or you’ll be out of the country, like me.

I brought my revision books with me and other things I might need to complete the long list I have to do.


[ Part two will be made soon. ]


Hello everyone,

My name is Barachielle, seventeen years old living in England.

This blog will be about the things I do in life.

This is obviously the first time I am blogging, but hopefully it will end well.


Cannot wait to start this page!!