About Me



Your normal teenage girl , with a dream…

Currently contemplating on if this dream is a little far fetched…

yeahh… not really , I mean we’ve ALL heard the saying that no dream is too big, and I’m no King but I think that’s true.

But enough with the inspirational interlude.

My names Tamera, 17 and I’ve just completed my first year of sixth form !!! yeahhh time to celebrate… nooo unfortunately its not lol there’s one more year to go but I can do it.  I’m hoping that my interest in music will help me deal with the stresses of life… Okay that was a bit dramatic but you know what I mean.

I love to sing, write poetry, draw and paint……honestly I’m not that creative though 🙂

But most importantly I love SCIENCE… (I’m serious)

Anywayyyyy.. Enjoy the blog ! come on the journey with me xx


ShesAFutureDoc ,