Sixth Form Life

I wasn’t ever the smartest girl.. the girl with the straight A’s , but I am the girl who never chooses to give up and continues to achieve things I once thought I couldn’t.  Coming in to my first year of year 12 was quite challenging but not to the point where I felt I couldn’t do it. The hardest thing was to see the difference in grades from doing quite well in GCSEs to getting the forbidden D grade in your first test ! … yeah I don’t think anyone was really expecting that lol

But it taught me a lot.. how to not become complacent and that doing a levels required much more then memorisation of content but required you to apply your knowledge and focus on small but key details. And how could I forget… the excruciating hours of PRACTICE everyone thought they could dodge.

I feel as though I’ve already come a long way.. from the girl who most, thought couldn’t get the grades…to a Deputy Head Girl studying to get into university.. I mean that’s quite a transition. BUT I KNOW I HAVE MORE TO OFFER #notfinishedyet #watchout

There’s been many times were we all get those grades back and think damn.. Should I quickly escape no one will notice .. but unfortunately that is “truanting” and someone will most definitely notice *tears* haha but I must say my yearning to succeed surpasses all the voices that ever tell me I can’t do It.  And if you know me personally or even teach me.. lets just say Year 13 will be a year of greatness…

PS: I’m sure that made you think i’m really motivated…



You got that right my friend!!



yeah that was a joke I’m really trying to get out of bed and it looks like its not happening.. but I hope this was something good to read x